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Product Details

• 5,000 linear feet (1,524 m) of Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Trac from Flex-Ability Concepts, Oklahoma City.

Project Fine Points
• The Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Trac bring to life the unique architectural theory utilized in designing the interior office space for Intech’s headquarters.

• Intech, an institutional money management firm, has taken the top two floors of the new 18-story City Place Tower, which offers 300,000 square feet (27,870 m2) of Class A office space.

• Intech’s 50,000 square feet (4,645 m2) of space was designed by Jalali Design, Los Angeles. Firm President Yousef Jalali based his organic design theory on the assertion that “nothing is square in nature.” According to Jalali: “My style is opposite the Roman influence where everything is square. I take a more medieval approach where there are few right angles and more fluid movement.”

• The hallways of the Intech offices tend to “meander” with numerous curved walls and soffits. In addition, the halls include more than 250 “cloud” formations at ceiling level.

Why Metal:
• Curved metal track met the complex design requirements and reduced labor costs in a manner not possible with traditional wood framing.

• “When the construction team saw the design concept, there was really a lot of concern about how we were going to accomplish all of the curves,” Jalali said. “But the doubters were amazed at how quickly the installation was completed. Without Flex-C Arch and Flex-C Trac, the process would have been impossible.”

Completed: 2009
Total square footage: 50,000 square feet
Architect: Jalali Design, Los Angeles
Metal installer: Master Plaster Inc., Hollywood, FL.
Manufacturer: Flex-Ability Concepts, Oklahoma City

Story courtesy of Metal Architecture Magazine

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