Master Plaster, Inc. is made up of qualified and experienced personnel in each of their own individual fields, assembled in a very closely knit team to better serve the needs of our clients, both on the field as well as in the office.

Our reputation in South Florida for our quality standards and our professionalism has become the strength of our company for 19+ years. It has empowered us over the years to build a portfolio of clients that return to us time and time again for their most ambitious endeavors.

Our President’s work background is General Construction, we are conscious of what General Contractors put first on their lists of needs, so out in the field we give our clients what is most important to them: service, quality, safety and assurance. Regardless of the size of the project, we go through established procedures to ensure that every job is another quality job. We also have one of the best Insurance companies providing coverage that exceeds what most GC’s require including EIFS coverage and we have been providing P&P Bonds for projects for over 14 years.

Out in the field our Project Managers, Superintendents and Foremen are continuously looking after our work making sure that all needs are met and our clients are satisfied at the end of a project with the final product.

Our suppliers are also considered part of our team and we have behind our operation a squad of suppliers composed of only the most reliable and renowned suppliers in South Florida.  They have the service and quality products which allow us to do a better job for our clients.

With over 200 quality jobs completed, and in many cases with some of the best General Contractors in South Florida, it’s time to call us for your next project.